METRO International Own Business Study 2019/2020

Finding the balance between consumers’ growing demand for a lifestyle on their own terms and mastering challenges that come with running a business today.

Main challenges: Finding skilled workers and incorporating digital tools to help manage workflows.

Map of METRO countries taking part in the Own Business Study 2019/20


Why this study?

METRO’s clear purpose is to support own businesses in every possible way. That is why METRO initiated the “OWN BUSINESS DAY”, a day dedicated to business owners and their accomplishments. To gain further insights into the experiences of business owners and how the public views independent businesses, METRO has commissioned the Own Business Study, a representative study encompassing 10,000 respondents across ten countries. 2019 marks the third year METRO has conducted the study.

What do the results show?

People value independent businesses and they want to ensure their livelihood. Independent businesses are important, because they shape our communities and allow us to live the life we want. To preserve the diversity they bring to our lives, we have to:

Listen to business owners’ daily struggles

Bring attention to own businesses and help them with what they are lacking: Awareness

Find solutions that address the widening skills gap

10,000 respondents


Including 1,500 business owners


10 countries

Czech Republic / France / Germany / India / Italy / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Russia / Turkey

Study design  
Participants worldwide 10,000 consumers, including 1,500 self-employed entrepreneurs
Composition of participants Consumers representing a cross-section of the respective country’s population Self-employed enterprises, including hospitality, retail and all other branches of business
Participating countries Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Turkey
Panel Online panel, representative for each country
Study institute APCO Insight, the opinion research group at APCO Worldwide
Survey period August 2019

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