With various restrictions and bans to contain the spread of COVID-19, independent businesses are suffering acutely from closures and revenue losses. In such tough times, METRO is fully committed to being the reliable partner of independent businesses. That’s why we take various support actions in our METRO countries, which we hope will crucially enhance the viability of the independent businesses. And of course we also welcome and support other initiatives. Have a look how exactly you can #SupportYourLocal as we #LoveOwnBusiness.

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#EINERFÜRALLE - all in for the HoReCa business! Initiative by METRO Austria to strengthen the #togetherness in the HoReCa business across the country. For our customers way out of the crisis we are continuously working on individual financing options and support packages as well as unique METRO services for the future of gastronomy in Austria - as well available for new customers. Because now, more than ever before, it is one for all - all for the hospitality sector. www.einerfueralle.at.


Rediscover Bulgaria - To support the local hospitality industry during the summer holiday season METRO Bulgaria, in partnership with local authorities, FMCG companies and financial services, has launched the initiative "Rediscover Bulgaria". The initiative supports hospitality companies in marketing their offers for the holiday season. Bulgarian consumers can use it to make reservations with companies that strictly comply with hygiene and safety standards and offer authentic local products and quality cuisine.

Czech Republic

Rozvoz nebo takeaway z vaší oblíbené restaurace - Find restaurants which offer a take away service on restu.cz in cooperation with MAKRO Czech Republic


#Placeauxrestos - to support restaurateurs, METRO France has decided to take action by initiating PLACE AUX RESTOS, a national solidarity operation launched in December 2020. Conceived by METRO France, with the support of the CGAD, the UMIH and the GNI, this operation has been a real success, with more than 100 towns and 200 markets having played the game of solidarity to date. More than 700 restaurant owners have been able to sell their takeaway dishes on markets in France. This operation has increased the visibility and accessibility of the catering offer with almost 25,000 meals sold in 200 markets throughout France.


#Gemeinsamdurchhalten - Multiple initiatives on local and national level, all aiming to support the HoReCa sector are aggregated under the umbrella of #GemeinsamDurchhalten. Here, there is also increased support with the local units of DEHOGA.

At www.metro.de/welovegastro, METRO Germany has compiled attractive offers and discounts, professional concepts and valuable tips for restaurateurs around the restart.


Ételkiszállítást kínáló éttermek - METRO Hungary promotes on its company website over 1,000 restaurants across the country who offer food delivery.


Speciale HORECA: guida digitale a favore delle PMI - A guide that METRO Italy updates constantly with latest official regulations applied to Horeca and independent businesses regarding Covid-19.

Horeca: I 10 consigli del momento - A guide of 10 key points produced by METRO Italy for Horeca operators to restart their business safely and efficiently.


#負けるな飲食店 - METRO has kicked off a campaign on Instagram back in 2020 for the stranded gastro businesses due to covid-19 restrictions. The wholesale company, as a close partner to the hospitality operators, is motivating and mobilizing the general public to make a picture or video in their favored restaurants and share them on Instagram with the hashtag #負けるな飲食店, literally meaning “Don’t give up, Gastro!”


DOE HET GROOTS DOE HET MAKRO - with a focus on the re-opening of terraces, MAKRO NL supports (new) HoReCa customers in their needs and help them to be successful again with a couple of deals and activation measures focusing on FSD as well as C&C customers.
https://www.foodinspiration.com // https://www.makro.nl

To give inspiration and high-level input especially in these times, MAKRO NL launched GROOTS - the new digital magazine of Makro, for culinary Netherlands. Four times a year a top chef shares his story and the preparation of his signature dish.


Zostań w domu - zamawiaj! - Find restaurants which offer a take away service on the MAKRO Poland website.


#paracomeraqui - MAKRO Portugal launched together with one of the biggest national tv channels in the country a national support movement to the restaurant sector. With the motto: "Life is not about take-out. It is about eat-in", they developed an initiative with the goal of involving society to the importance of the recovery of the restaurant sector. To give voice to this movement, a television advertisement was created with two national familiar faces, the actor and restaurant owner Lourenço Ortigão and the presenter Mafalda Castro. Since the event was launched, MAKRO has had a lot of visibility in the media, being mentioned in several entertainment programs.


METRO.Partner - METRO Russia’s nationwide program "METRO.Partner", launched in June 2020, is connecting hundreds of thousands of its customers with about 3,000 restaurants across the country in their crucial restart phase. From their shopping in METRO Russia stores, customers get digital coupons to redeem for discount in their favorite restaurants, who signed up for "METRO.Partner" committing full compliance with hygiene and safety standards, checked and verified by METRO Russia. The discounted amount will be fully compensated later by METRO Russia for restaurants in their purchasing in METRO stores.


#MAKROPLUS - MAKRO Spain offers a range of personalized customer care, services and benefits exclusively for Horeca customers in the program “MAKRO Plus” for their business recovery.

#ConectadHOS - the platform in close cooperation with Hostelería de España, Coca-Cola, Mahou San Miguel, Pernod Ricard and MAKRO Spain set up a study around the topic of digitalisation and what it means for the hotel and catering industry, as well was what role it will play in the recovery of the sector. This initiative coordinated by Hostelería de España, will be developed within the framework of the European Funds for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plans. It started on 1st of January 2021, will last 36 months and will be able to mobilise in a common objective more than 200 million euros.

Click & Collect - MAKRO Spain has launched click and collect service for a convenience purchase online. Once the order is prepared, the customer will only have to come and collect it at the MAKRO store. This new service combines flexibility where to place your order online from your business or home, with all the convenience and access to the best online assortment.

MAKRO Responde - MAKRO Spain has launched a support initiative in cooperation with the law firm Écija Abogados to provide free-of-charge legal counselling service for hospitality operators in their return to business. Through “MAKRO Responde”, hotels, restaurants and bars will be enabled to stay tuned with the latest official info and guidelines and to receive advice on legal, tax, labour procedures throughout the designated relaunch stages.


#KÜÇÜKİŞLETMEMİÇİN - METRO Turkey has launched this platform to raise public awareness about the difficult situation experienced by small businesses. Small businesses in the food and beverage industry will be able to receive product and service support worth 5,000 Turkish lira by applying through the platform. The small businesses should have an annual turnover of less than 2 million Turkish lira with at least five employees as criteria. METRO Turkey has taken the first step and launched this movement by supporting the first 500 small businesses. With the support of our business partners, stakeholders and the public, METRO Turkey aims to support a total of 5,000 small businesses within 3 months.


Нова програма лояльності METRO Club - tailored to the needs of our HoReCa customers in these special times, METRO UA set up a loyalty program. These are the main benefits:

  • discounts or bonuses for each purchase
  • additional benefits on buying METRO own brands: Rioba, METRO Chef, METRO Professional.
  • clients can use special offers from METRO and partners.

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