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METRO SUSTAINABLE is the driver of our actions which support customer sustainability on a strategic level. It means placing METRO at the core of transforming and driving sustainable business as a partner of independent companies. To make this approach tangible and realizable for our HoReCa customers, we created the concept of "My sustainable Restaurant" – a pragmatic guide which promotes sustainable gastronomy.

What "My Sustainable Restaurant" is

METRO is here to support our customers’ business success. Our purpose is to help our professional customers run profitable businesses which have a positive impact on their communities and the environment. As up to one in three meals are eaten out of home this impact could be huge.

Climate change and inequality are defining factors of our time. We are consuming more than we have and if we continue like this, the planet will not sustain us. More than ever before consumers are aware of the environmental and societal issues related to sustainable development. They have changed the way they consume both at home and in restaurants. Faced with these findings, food businesses must adapt.

In our businesses which rely on food we can really make a positive difference within our communities and for the environment if we use our resources wisely. What follows here is a guide that takes especially HoReCa customers through the main sustainability issues of interest for gastronomers touching upon topics like: water and  energy efficiency, responsible sourcing, waste including  plastic & packaging waste and food waste, sustainable menu, social issues and safe food. The guidance  gives advice and proposes solutions that customers can implement in their own business. We believe that sustainable gastronomy is about conducting business that thrives in the long term.

We hope you enjoy this carefully constructed menu of information!