Running your own business requires a lot - passion and commitment being just a part of it. But for more than 50 years we understand professional needs and support you with innovative solutions, tailormade services and a wide range of products – beyond selling goods.

This range of services and products constantly evolves – from digital tools and business consultancy to sustainable products and professional services.

So, it’s time to discover how METRO works and what we can do for you.

Delivery Services

We Deliver to Save Time for You.

METRO’s Food Delivery Service provides on time deliveries, fresh goods and a seamless service online and offline.

We deliver to save time for you.

We simplify digitization for you.

Business Consulting

We Think Beyond Business for You.

The further expansion of a business can be a huge challenge. METRO offers, within its Business Advisory and Consulting services, a reliable partner to bring your business to the next level.

Own Brands

We Solve Needs with Professional Products for You.

METRO provides with its line of Own Brands reliable food and non-food necessities for your businesses – beyond the seasons.

Consistent Freshness

We Go Straight to the Source for You.

No one knows their products better than the professionals at the source. And that’s why METRO talks directly to regional suppliers – all around the world.

Dish Reservation Tool

We Simplify the Reservation Process for You.

METRO’s Table Reservation Tool is designed to simplify the reservation process. The aim is to decrease the no show rates and make the booking process more transparent – for you and your customers.

We get the right answers from the right people for you.

Dish Website Tool

We Simplify Digitization for You.

Lots of Own Businesses miss out on their online visibility, due to a lack of resources. METRO’s Website Builder aims to give your business a legit and affordable digital presence.


We Expand our Assortment for You.

METRO MARKETPLACE is the most professional online marketplace for own businesses. It widens METRO’s already wide non-food assortment hugely and gives you the opportunity to shop from everywhere.

We finance big dreams for you.

Financial Services

We Finance Big Dreams for You.

METRO’s Financial Services facilitate your business with independent financial guidance. Therefore, METRO provides resources and expert knowledge for all kinds of hospitality entrepreneurs.